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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario - 770 Words

Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario Stephanie Thomas PSY/280 - Human Growth amp; Development August 11, 2015 Shannon Cassidy Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario MEMO To: 6-Month Pregnant Woman From: Stephanie Thomas, Developmental Psychologist Date: August 11, 2015 Re: Daily Activity List The following memo is a daily activity list for your 6-month pregnancy timeline consisting of three activities that positively affect your infant’s future development. Along with the daily activity list in the following paragraphs you will receive and explanation of the importance of these activities for the baby’s development. These activities will also assist in any future pregnancies you may choose to have. These†¦show more content†¦Second daily activity, start up a low impact exercise routine to obtain pre-pregnancy weight. This will help both mentally and physically once you are closer to your pre-pregnancy weight. The lack of physical activity contributes to excess weight gain during pregnancy and weight retention during postpartum. Many gyms have child care, and as your child ages this will help him or her fine tune attachment social skills early. Third daily activity, have some human interaction and talk about your feelings. Set time aside each day to talk with your partner, so that you both can reconnect. Find a support group, there are many women experiencing the same thing right now. Listening to someone else’s version of postpartum depression and sharing your own can work wonders. Seek out a meeting in your area and give it a try. You may just meet that mommy friend you need. One-on-one therapy can also help you discover where the depression is coming from, and how to take steps each week to heal. Try looking for a therapist who has worked with other postpartum moms, and maybe even a therapist who has kidsShow MoreRelatedPrenatal and Postpartum Scenario669 Words   |  3 PagesPrenatal and Postpartum Scenario Vee Dubb PSY/280 August 12, 2012 Adams James Memo To: Pregnant and Postpartum Women From: Developmental Psychologist Subject: Prenatal and Postpartum Activities Date: November 8th, 2012 Most pregnant woman imagine how their developing fetus looks like, what the developing fetus is doing at a particular point, and aspire to deliver a healthy baby. Most important, many prenatal and postpartum women are eager to know what she can do to help deliver a healthyRead MorePrenatal and Postpartum Scenario Essay714 Words   |  3 PagesPrenatal and Postpartum Scenario PSY/280: Human Growth and Development November 18, 2010 Professor Donald Collins Memo To: Pregnant and Postpartum Women From: Developmental Psychologist Dr. Sanchez Date: November 18, 2010 Subject: Prenatal and Postpartum Activity List Taking care of your health is essential not only for your own personal benefit but also to the well being of your growing baby. The importance of a healthy diet and exercise cannot be more critical during the pregnancyRead MoreNursing Simulation Reflection Paper1317 Words   |  6 Pagesthe patient’s high blood pressure. With the postpartum-hemorrhage simulation, I knew that massaging the fundus was lucrative when trying to stop the bleeding. A firm fundus is the norm, whereas a boggy fungus is abnormal. I had the understanding that Pitocin after birth and skin-to-skin with the baby ways to help prevent a hemorrhage. I had a rudimentary knowledge base of preeclampsia and a postpartum-hemorrhage, and I felt underprepared for the scenarios. The intent of clinical simulations is toRead MoreA Study On Postpartum Depression1196 Words   |  5 PagesRead over and organize write an intro paperrater grammark Introduction Postpartum depression has been a medical diagnosis in recent history. Though, postpartum depression has been a problem since the 18th century. Medicine has come long way in discovering treatment for postpartum depression, but the risks are still under investigation. Screening women for postpartum depression after delivery has been a trend in many hospitals, but what puts them at risk is important. There are many factors, butRead MoreCurriculum Development Paper2136 Words   |  9 Pagesand they drop off school to get a low paying job and never complete their education. Most of them are dependent on their parents for financial support making their parents stressed emotionally. The education program developed in this paper covers postpartum care, including educational needs and rational, learner outcomes for the lesson, learning objectives, learner characteristics, learner theory, content outline, evaluation methods, instructional materials, and resources and instructional methodsRea d MorePublic Health Essay example4148 Words   |  17 Pagesactive process that uses critique to analyse the practice ,where the practitioner is challenged to self-enquire the practice experience to improve professionally .This reflective assignment of practice is not just my ability to analyse the case scenario ,give sense to the events and draw a conclusion ,but an opportunity to predict what the practitioner need to improve for future professional development (Epstein and Hundert,2002). Communication Communication it is a key aspect in day to dayRead MoreSmoking Cessation Of Pregnancy : Review Of Current Strategies9414 Words   |  38 Pagesbe inversely proportional to the level of income [3,4,5,8] Higgins et al assessed ?the influence of education on smoking status? in a cohort of 316 participants [9]. The cohort consisted of pregnant women who were still smoking at the beginning of prenatal care and received smoking cessation intervention, and those who were already abstinent and received relapse prevention treatment, both in the form of vouchers [9]. Women with more than 12 years of education were more likely to abstain from smokingRead MoreThesis on Infant Mortality15647 Words   |  63 Pagessociety. It reflects not only the magnitude of those health problems which are directly responsible for the death of infants, such as diarrheal and respiratory infections and malnutrition, but the net effect of a multitude of other factors, including prenatal and postnatal care of moth er and infant, and the environmental 2 conditions to which the infant is exposed. The high level of infant mortality is an indication of discouraging socio-economic development and along with the poor government commitmentRead MoreCompetency of Level 4 Nursing Students on Immediate Newborn Care6675 Words   |  27 Pagesof discharge .Successful breastfeeding practices among the low risk newborns at hospital were attributed to the consistent efforts made by the health services in training health care providers and educating mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum periods on breastfeeding (Family Health Bureau, 2001; Jayathilaka Fernando, 2002; Senanayake Wijemanne, 1992). Social and cultural aspects, which were in favor of breastfeeding, would also have contributed in promoting these practicesRead MoreHesi Practice31088 Words   |  125 Pageshigh-protein diet. 164. It s important to assess the maturity of enzyme systems (kidney and liver) in which pediatric population before administering medications? A. Adolescents. B. Neonates. C. Premature infants. D. Toddlers. 165. During her first prenatal visit, a client expresses concern about gaining weight. Which of the following would be the nurse s best action? A. Ask the client how she feels about gaining weight and provide instructions about expected weight gain and diet. B. Be alert for a

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